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Donahue Consulting, LLC was established in 2000 by Timothy Donahue. Tim has over 20 years of experience on Loan IQ and over 25 years of practical experience in automated systems and accounting. The DCLLC team provides best in class expertise on LoanIQ implementations that include but not limited to the following:


  • Accounting Structure Table Setup

  • Corporate Structure Design

  • Product Structure and Design

  • Code Table Setup

  • Interface Design, Development and Testing

  • Automated Conversion, Design and Development

  • Data Mapping (legacy to Loan IQ APIs)

  • Data Warehouse Extract and Design

  • Workflow Analysis

  • Accounting and Code Table Setup

  • Loan IQ Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Report Rationalization

  • Data Model Training

  • Operational Setup and Training

  • Business Architecture

  • Installation, Upgrades and Technical Setup

  • Loan IQ Batch Administration

  • Production Maintenance

  • Loan IQ API Execution and Mapping

  • Project Management

  • Design Documentation

  • Functional User Testing and Planning

tim donahue.jpg
Timothy Donahue
Managing Partner
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